2011 Develop dual-mechanism notebook lock (no.CP2599) which can solve user’s usual problem regarding forgetting their own number.


4-digits dual-mechanism notebook / laptop security lock
Patented product
Conform to RoHS
Suitable for most types of laptops / Notebooks
Lock: zinc alloy lock(precision casting)
Wheel: zinc alloy
Cable: PVC coating cable
Lock: 57 * 14 * 34m/m
Straight cable size: 6m/m * 180cm
Housing: plate with nickel, other color is coated by electro-deposition
Basic color: nickel lock, black cable
Various colors and finishes are available upon request
Various PVC coating colors available upon request
Customized logos can be imprinted
Easy to set personal combination, override key for emergency opening without damaging lock body and laptop / notebook.
Package: multiple package
4-digits is stronger than 3-digits
Precision casting would increase hardness of lock and increase protected ability
Dual-mechanism: 4-digits combination and override key for emergency opening (e.g. eliminate the risk of forgotten combinations.)
Override key function:
If users forget their own combination, the lock will be unlocked without damaging notebook/laptop. Only use attached override key to unlock when users have forgotten their personal combination.
Protect your laptop and the personal information you have stored.
Lock down your computer and leave it safe.
Lock it with this easy to use and use cable to anchors your laptop with a desk or immovable
Attaches to the standard security slot found in 99% of notebooks.
Perfect for use at school, the office, or any workstation.



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